Moving in or out of a new home can become quite stressful with so much on your plate that needs to be done. We can help take a bit if the weight off your shoulders by handling the dirty work. Whether you are an immaculately clean person or not, living in a home for the length of any lease will inevitably have you leave your mark. By employing Anita’s Home Cleaning, your home will be restored to its former glory in no time.

End of Lease Home Cleaning

After you and your removalists are done with your former home, there are bound to be scraps, cardboard boxes and marks on walls and floors that are often difficult to remove. As we have the correct cleaning tools to get the job done properly, vacating your home will be made more efficient for you.

Our promise to provide a spotless home with our cleaning service will allow the next tenants to move into a seemingly new home. With our dedication to being on time, you can rest assured knowing the job will be done when and how it needs to be.

Cleaning Services when Moving Home

Bay Area locals have been trusting Anita’s Home Cleaning for their cleaning services for over two decades. You can rely on our team to take on cleaning jobs of any nature. When booking with us, you can request any of the following services:

  •     Floors – sweeping, mopping and vacuuming
  •     Kitchen – wipe clean countertops and built in ovens
  •     Bathrooms and lavatories – Sanitization
  •     Stairs – wipe down inside stairs and steps
  •     Carpet – clean and remove hard to reach debris
  •     Windows – remove smudges and fingerprints from windows

Booking a cleaning service with Anita’s Home Cleaning can be easily done by going to our simple booking platform here.

Alternatively, to speak with our friendly team call 800-286-1607.