Anita’s Home Cleaning are the trusted cleaning service provider for apartments and condos across the greater Bay area. Our team are dedicated to providing high quality services to ensure the upkeep of your home is consistently maintained. From trace free carpet, smudge free windows, mirrors and polished tiles, your apartment will never go without its fresh shine.

Apartment Cleaning in San Jose

In today’s busy lifestyle, very few of us have the time to ensure we are regularly cleaning our condos. You might have time to give some shelves a quick dust of an afternoon, but you will soon find out how quickly the rest of your home will be in need of a deep Spring clean if it is not kept up on a regular basis. Our team work hard to guarantee that every surface and corner of your condo is dusted, wiped and good as new. Keeping up with a regular clean will safeguard your condo from the consequences of leaving grime or dust untouched.

Whether your condo requires a one off deep clean, or a weekly touch up schedule, Anita’s Home Cleaning can get the job done.

Anita’s Apartment Cleaning

Our team at Anita’s Home Cleaning are trained to ensure that any room they enter is left spick and span. Which is why we are able to take on homes of any size around the Bay Area.

Additional services offered by us include ovens, refrigerators, cabinets and baseboards. Our variety of service offering allow us to cover your bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens from top to bottom.

Regardless of your location in the greater Bay area, our cleaners can provide high quality services at an affordable price.

Booking a cleaning service with Anita’s Home Cleaning can be easily done by going to our simple booking platform here.

Alternatively, to speak with our friendly team call 800-286-1607.